Spotted on facebook

Dear world,

Not everyone may be crazed out by Spotted, but I kind of am. I can see how it could get on the nerves in the long run, but still there’s a reason it’s there. And while some may use it as a tracking device for their drunk one night stands, others use it for great purposes. Why sit around and wait for that one guy or girl to pass you by, if he/she might already have.

You know the feeling of regret? That feeling you get when you drank a little too much and wake up at a place you shouldn’t have. Well it seems as if there are smarter people out there, trying to avoid those moments! Still they end up with the empty feeling of what might have been. I’m more of the first kind, even when I’m not too drunk I tend to be let’s just say gullible and maybe even a little easy. I guess I’m just still that little girl who wants to believe you’re all great. That said, isn’t that an important issue to discuss? Spotted could be great like I hope and believe it is, but it could also be an easy way to use a sweet girl or boy. From what I’ve read some really seem in to have fallen in love, but are they really? And if they are, will the response be as honest? If you read one of the messages, don’t you feel like it needs a silver bell ending? Call me crazy, but to me it does.

Maybe I’m blind, just another I want to live in a fairytale girl. But however hard a relationship may be, every story starts with it’s one fairytale beginning. The ending then is for you to write and might not be the one you once imagined. So to Spotted I say COOL! Because it could lead to the beginning of something new and possibly beautiful. 


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