New Year’s eve

Dear world,

With the very nearby prospects of New Year’s eve, the world starts shaking again. Suddenly everybody who is somebody is acting more sacred then ever! Why? Well isn’t that clear? The Christmas spirit is still vibrating with his last powers, still capable of dragging us in to its magical  atmosphere, making us all feel like amazing citizens. And as we all feel like we ‘re the best, don’t we all want to spend our greatness and spread our paid for love. What else to do today than dress up equally as great and make the most enchanting New Year’s resolutions ever.  And still the world seems to find the time to run to the store, get whatever is left to feed guests and plan the best party of the year! Isn’t it always the best Party for you guys?

As I yet mentioned everybody, who’s somebody is getting together to have some fun, kiss at midnight and wish the other somebodies a great year! And every time that wish is made a new lie has begun, a new scheme is starting in their head and we all know, some of you might not even make it to the next.

Let’s not forget not everybody is somebody, though even those have to play their clearly  defined roles. For all the lonely girls and boys out there tonight, just know the whole world is having fun, they won’t pity you, nor will they pay any attention to you and last but not least: I couldn’t care less, as I’m definitely not one of you. You want to know where I’m at? I’m everywhere, ready to start reporting and revealing all the new lies and schemes 2013 will hold. I’m already jumping up and down, the prospect of the excitement makes me shiver. So dear boys and girls start scheming, the moment that clock hits twelve, cause I’m not going to sit around and wait for you!

You know you hate me,



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