Pastor “cures” gays with horses

Dear world,

So what’s up with that, some Pastor thinks he can ‘cure’ gay people with horses. Great, yet another one who spreads the word, this time not claiming it’s a disease, but an addiction. Dear mister Bell what’s with that? I really don’t get it, isn’t humanity supposed to be smart. Or at least living in this era? Apparently I must be a real fool for believing that.

So let’s start with defending the horses, as they are also victimized in this case. No seriously, I have no doubt about animals being smart, or their ability to help less able people. They have the power to be your friend without speaking, can give you joy and laughter. Even be the legs you don’t have, or that pair of eyes you really need in traffic. But why the hell would they ‘cure’ someone from what he is? I may hope most people have a personality and stick to it. You can change a little because of certain situations, but a few caresses won’t. Every sane person knows that right?

This certain mister Bell seems to believe homosexuality is an addiction, and then obviously states that a person can’t really be cured, as curing is not a matter of choice. So not being gay is a choice. Well I really want to find a gay person, who believes his sexuality is a choice. Even worse by calling it an addiction, he actually compares it to drugs or cigarettes or an alcohol addiction. I can’t imagine how falling in love with someone can be a choice. And even if there would be an aspect of choice, it can’t possibly be similar to the choice of smoking another cigarette. Maybe the comparison with the alcohol addiction is the most relevant as the Pastor also claims this to be resolvable by padding horses. For me (and I hope most of you) being gay and having an alcohol addiction are entirely different things, so I’m not going to say that some horse therapy couldn’t help in this case, though I seriously doubt it could really solve the problem. And if it could help, it would probably be because the person himself wants to be helped and finds joy in working with horses. I don’t believe it could help just anybody! (Sorry for my little detour)

Now how does it work according to Pastor Bell? Well as expected he doesn’t have an answer. But he claims the therapy makes men more masculine.  Curious, not only gays should take this therapy then! Seriously there are quite a few“unmanly”  men out there, so they should just all start working with horses. Now, he’s also convinced that you can find the reason why someone got involved in homosexual activities. Because to him there’s always a reason like abuse or absence of a male role model and so on and so on. How many times hasn’t this been brought up, I mean doesn’t anybody know a gay person, who had a happy life? I know I do, I really can’t find anything wrong with him. So seriously to me that’s just crap!

Unfortunately these  “conversion therapies” are still allowed even with underaged boys and girls. Let’s hope people will soon come to their senses and realize this isn’t the way to go! California is trying to abolish these crazy techniques for underaged citizens. Although the Supreme Court is blocking the proposal, it’s a step in the right direction.

The motive for this blog is an article published on de website of a Belgian paper: Het Laatste Nieuws, and can be find at the following webadress:




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