Murder and movies (Chicago)

Dear world,

Murder is fundamentally wrong, that’s what we all start learning in kindergarten wright? So growing up you know it’s wrong and a crime against humanity. But then suddenly all these murders come to your attention, weirdly enough  they seem to be ok. Still it’s painted as cruel, so you still believe it’s wrong. Doing otherwise would be stupid right?
But wars keep continuing, death penalty still exists and in some countries execution seems to be a starter,  a main course and a dessert.

Movies were never a good example, as murder there seems easy, as the deed may probably be. I don’t know, guess we all think we wouldn’t be able to, but how could we possibly know that? Maybe when the pressure’s there and a gun is pushed into your hands, you just break. I suddenly hope I wouldn’t, I don’t know. The fact is that movies are able to make so much so simple and beautiful, even when the murder is completed the murderer never seems to suffer hard. Sometimes but mostly not , wouldn’t you just hate yourself for taking another one’s life and breaking the hearts of everybody who cared? Would you be able to just go on, or would it drive you mad?
I believe it would drive me completely and utterly crazy, probably even to the point you just want to kill yourself!

Well murder was never as sexy, light and glamorous as in the movie/musical Chicago. The murderers are sexy girls, who love dancing and singing. While watching the cell block tango, don’t you feel the magic? The girls have intriguing looks in their eyes, wear almost no clothes and reconstruct the murders they committed, by dancing them out. They look so sexy in that jail, you almost want to be them. The worst thing about the movie isn’t about all the lies, or about the commotion that is caused. But the fact that the criminals get off easily and even get out of jail, while the one innocent person, is hanged. In defense of the movie, this act makes sure you question the justice and shows the ridicule of it all. To be clear I like the movie and at first I felt amazing when I saw all the acts. But that feeling changed, the only one I feel sympathetic with is Hunyack. And watching the movie a second time, all the conning even annoys me.

Where I’m getting at? Simple: asking for world peace is rather naïve and actually also ridiculous when murder is sketched so beautifully. A world without murders, no way humanity is ready for that. The only thing to do is look at yourself, try to do the right thing, and hope people are mostly good. So that it becomes possible to one day live in a world where murder is REALLY fundamentally wrong.


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