Dear you know who you are,

I’m a fool, the kind of fool who believes in fairytales and thinks people are all essentially good! I’m that kind of people, I’m gullible and trustful and all words related to those. I’ve always been and threw the years I became more withholding, and a little more cautious. But let’s face it I was never really careful.

I just believed in people and kept on believing, and kept on giving them so many chances. But time and time again I broke. Sometimes I couldn’t even pick up the pieces on my own, but eventually I always climbed back up! One time I broke into more pieces than ever before and a person is only  able to break so many times. So I lost it and went out searching for myself. I probably don’t have to tell you, I made a lot of bad choices and mistakes while doing that! For a long time I wasn’t really ready to open my heart, and just wondered around trying to forget. The moment I finally was, I met this jerk who pretended to be nice and obviously I believed it. Fortunately his being became clear fast. And the evening I was kind of hitting rock bottom I met you. Just in time, as the hole in my heart needed to be filled and it wasn’t jet shut. I was losing my faith in the kind-heartedness of humanity, but you were right in time to save it.

Before I met you, I just got bored if I met someone rather nice and got hurt when I met the interesting ones. But now I know interesting and nice can blend together perfectly! Now I’m still a fool, a fool for you and a fool for love.
I know I might not always stay the same and might not always be what you wished I still were. But for now I’m just me, I know I’m nothing like perfect but I’m me and yes I still believe in the goodness of humanity and in fairytale endings. All because of you!

And although things aren’t always as easy, nor as optimistic as the first week, I’ll never forget, how I felt! Amazed, believing and the main character of my own story, scared of what was coming and so thrilled with what was! And I’m going to hold that, as long as I can, because I won’t forget who you are to me! So do me the honor of still being mine and fight by my side through all the bad times!


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