years (will) go by

A guy stops and says, the last five years have passed me by. Like the wind they blew away and before I’ll know it I’ll be on this mountain top, I’ll look down to the past and I’ll think ‘this is my life’.

When you are young no mountains to high, no squall is to rough or at least that’s what you think. You just run through life, no consequences! And then something happens and you carry on and start being more serious, because that’s what you need to do! You need to pine and fight for what you want and just do anything to get there. But where is there exactly?

Because when you get there what is left for you to do or what if you never will. When is the right time? Who is the right person to drag along or are you better of alone? What would you pay, or better who would you pay? What would you leave behind to become who you think you want to be?

So maybe I can keep going with the flow or maybe I can take my ground in my own hands, but eventually I’ll be left with the same conclusion. Where did I go wrong?

Because nothing is ever what you expect it to be, You’ll never be the person you wished you’d be and there’s always at least that one regret, always that thing you should have done differently. So maybe if you don’t second guess and just try to be happy in the moment, things will always be okay, no matter what choices you made or what you think you want.

The guy goes on, thinking he will get serious, he will get married, but not just jet, because now, in this moment, he still has eternity.


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