Lay my head under the green grass and cover it with the seeds of flowers

So some beauty will still exist

For them to see

I’ve been dragged down to many times

My faces bares the scares of a broken past

The beauty in my eyes faded with every second

It left them dark and black instead of sparkling brown


Lay my head under the green peace and use the liveliness of colours

Make a fool look at it

And see

He didn’t touch me

Fool him with the painting that is now my face

The beauty will return as a mask shinning more every second

It will leave me as a starling spell that fools the world


Lay my head into the peacefull silence and just a colourfull sight

So I will finally see

The peace

That was never before in me

No more fooling or being fooled

No more scars, no more beauty, just endless seconds

Just a stone left to see, the peace that is now me.


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