a friend like …

As the curtain fell over our friendship
I have never missed you more
hurt and lost, you left me alone on the stage floor
tears of grieve make me slip

Slip into a hallucination of ceiling grey
produced by the fake … fake
snake, lake, drake, heartache
‘cliinng’, no darling buds will grow in may

my mind finally blank, blue and blinded
I don’t know what is left to say
But notice myself shouting stay
Oh how I was reminded

of you
just disappearing of the grid
your image still burning on my eyelid
with you

Crawling, pushing, pulling myself
I get up and stare into the empty hall
a dozen eyes questioning when I’ll fall
with no one to catch, I’m  the play itself

So I can fall into the tragedy layed out for me
or put on a smile
and make this comedy their worthwhile
So they will only think to see.

I’ll miss you like crazy and will not seize to cry
but still I will never understand nor forget,
which might be my own loss and regret,
as an outworn garment you left me there to die.


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