Like blown up sand, the time was driven by the wind
Grating my skin in hazy rush
As suddenly there will be no more to enjoy,
Only my burning skin will make me feel like I was there, here
My Reality blown into a castle of my mind
A grand sculpture made to remember, that I was there, here
Every grain with a smiley face, to make an even more beautiful picture
The picture I so love and adore
Which holds the feeling of that perfect moment in which they were whole,
in which we were whole.
Waves gushing over the sand, fading our memory wildly
As you will be no more to me than I will be to you
I’ll hold on to what I was and what you were.
No less than sand, slipping through our fingers and seizing to run through our veins
The pictures in our mind will disappear, only the ones on paper will remain
As that will be the only thing left, we will sculpt it all over again and believe to remember,
Though slightly changed, and bathing more gracefully

And suddenly we’ll know, this was all just a long time ago
A time better than tomorrow and we will pray, that it was again today.


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