No more I do

The white long dress taunts me

I cross the street staring

Without blinking I get drawn

My feet move me

My feet stop me

And all I can see Is

that white dress

The white sparkles

in front of me

My hand reaches out

To feel the softness,

To feel what it’s made of

But all I feel is the cold glass window

The hardness that stops me

From feeling, from really seeing

And In that moment when I was lost

The sun shinned brightly,

But clouds hide her away

As my reality strikes me

As I get struck

In that lost minute I wore that dress

In that lost minute, I said I do

But as life doesn’t hand you prepared food

It doesn’t hand you an easy story

I’ll never wear that dress

Nor will it witness my I do

For that is far

For that is gone

Like a leaf blow by the wind

It flew away

Far, far away

Not sure to ever return

a sparkle in my eye

makes the dress seems dull

and I

I move my feet

I move my feet away


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