Je suis Charlie

scan0001 (3)a

A pen touches a paper
Ink makes a dot
The dots form a line
Lines form words
Lines form figures
Words make a sentence
Figures make a drawing

Nothing made into Something

Something, but what
What is a sentence, what is a drawing
Lines with a meaning
A meaning that I see
Seeing isn’t knowing
Do you know what those lines mean?
Those lines mean nothing to you

The ink maybe nothing, the ink maybe something

Who knows, no one knows
knowing or not knowing, makes it harmless
the harm of ink
ink that is only something to someone
someone’s opinion
an opinion worthless to anyone else
Anyone can make lines

Nothing made into something

Something being harmless dots,
Dots made into useless violence
Violence used to shut down the ink
The ink can’t be stopped
Stopping fluid from flowing isn’t possible
A possibility of life can be taken away
Taking away dots, lines, opinions
Is just not done

Nothing made into something !!!