I feel so in love, don’t ever shake the day
No more is to say, no more is in my way,

A flower pops out the snow,
And makes a shining grow
The colour and white collide
And we’ll stride

Along the happiness and innocence made today
It seems so easy, too good to be truth
But I know and feel that I need you

Though the easy might fade away,
You’ll stay my muse
And I know I’ll need to pay my dues

But I’ll pay mine if you’ll pay yours
Because let’s face it without you there is no of course
Without you I’d remain the soulless grey of a winter sky
So you see, I really need you nearby

And though we are miles apart
My heart
Will never leave your side
It feels so right!



A pot
falling apart
a noise that lasts forever
an upsetting sound
of pain
for all to hear

just meaningless pieces
scaring a skin

a clear sign
to collect
for it could leave the world
something new…
A heart
falling apart
like a sting
followed by a wave of pain
for no one to hear

Hidden tears
scaring the sole

for the only sign
it leaves the world
is an empty smile
on someone’s scared face.

I wander
wander of
into the dark grey softness of the sky
my view clouded by pain
floats my head to a shinny star
blinded by its smile

I follow
follow it
to the bright blue reflection of the sky
my view blinded by happiness
my head floating to a dreamy place
blinded by a wonderful idea

I get hit
hit by
a view of emptiness
my head in an idea
blinded bij the thought of happiness

And then

my head floats right back
my view opened by a feeling
blinded no more

I know
know now
it’s not happiness
it’s not real

a stranger

A stranger crosses you mind
eyes lock
a truth is found
deep down
a feeling
it will last
sweeping lightly
dancing moving fast

A stranger,
the one you know the most
the one who knows you
tumbling, twirling
shaken up by a blow
moving, running towards
running away
the one you know
is A stranger again.

Je suis Charlie

scan0001 (3)a

A pen touches a paper
Ink makes a dot
The dots form a line
Lines form words
Lines form figures
Words make a sentence
Figures make a drawing

Nothing made into Something

Something, but what
What is a sentence, what is a drawing
Lines with a meaning
A meaning that I see
Seeing isn’t knowing
Do you know what those lines mean?
Those lines mean nothing to you

The ink maybe nothing, the ink maybe something

Who knows, no one knows
knowing or not knowing, makes it harmless
the harm of ink
ink that is only something to someone
someone’s opinion
an opinion worthless to anyone else
Anyone can make lines

Nothing made into something

Something being harmless dots,
Dots made into useless violence
Violence used to shut down the ink
The ink can’t be stopped
Stopping fluid from flowing isn’t possible
A possibility of life can be taken away
Taking away dots, lines, opinions
Is just not done

Nothing made into something !!!

No more I do

The white long dress taunts me

I cross the street staring

Without blinking I get drawn

My feet move me

My feet stop me

And all I can see Is

that white dress

The white sparkles

in front of me

My hand reaches out

To feel the softness,

To feel what it’s made of

But all I feel is the cold glass window

The hardness that stops me

From feeling, from really seeing

And In that moment when I was lost

The sun shinned brightly,

But clouds hide her away

As my reality strikes me

As I get struck

In that lost minute I wore that dress

In that lost minute, I said I do

But as life doesn’t hand you prepared food

It doesn’t hand you an easy story

I’ll never wear that dress

Nor will it witness my I do

For that is far

For that is gone

Like a leaf blow by the wind

It flew away

Far, far away

Not sure to ever return

a sparkle in my eye

makes the dress seems dull

and I

I move my feet

I move my feet away

My heart it dug it’s grave
My heart forgot to jump the wave
But I have to find a way
A way to let my heart stay

I have to crumble out of the graves dirt
And swim through the waves rage
And even thought braking through hurts
I need to crawl and brake for only then can I escape the cage

A prison build by hope
A feeling, that won’t let you cope
a feeling so strong
It makes you believe you are where you belong

I can’t believe,
I won’t believe
For I feel done
For I now need to run

Run run far away
till loneliness
and happiness
find a way

A place where they both can stay